Twiggles Artworks

Twiggles first printed her large-format artworks in November 2022. The exhibition was a celebration of four years in the industry. Below you can find details of past and present

"5" Exhibition

15th November 2022

An exhibition of five, large format prints hosted by Martinez Members Lounge, Soho, London.

"See What I See" Exhibition

July 5 - 11th 2023

The exhibition showcased the diversity of Twiggles' photography as an art form. This week-long showcase was held at J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road, west London.

Twiggles is an artist with a unique perspective which personifies her signature style across various subjects and settings. The photographs on display range from portraits and parties, abstract to conceptual works.

Predominately photographing moments in nightlife, the stars, socialites and characters that frequent the club scene, the prints are a peek into a London that you may not have noticed. At its core, despite daily life, it remains decadent and flamboyant.

Ten large-format prints featuring a unique peep into the glamorous world of London nightlife. Seen through the eyes of one of London's most prolific photographers. It captures the essence of what it's like to be out, after dark, in LDN.

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